Office Space Actor Sues Publisher Over Box of Flair

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<i>Office Space</i> Actor Sues Publisher Over <i>Box of Flair</i>

In Office Space, the 1999 cult comedy from Beavis and Butthead creator Mike Judge, servers at the restaurant Chotchkie’s are required to wear at least 15 pieces of flair—round buttons pinned to their uniforms—at all times.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Todd Duffey, the actor who played the minor character in Office Space, credited as “Chotchkie’s waiter,” is suing the Perseus Book Group after allegations that they used images of his face in their new movie tie-in book, The Office Space Box of Flair. (Duffey is visible in the top left corner of the book’s cover.) The 32-page book also includes 15 flair buttons, one of which features Duffey’s image.

Duffey is reportedly seeking a permanent ban on the production of these products, as well as damages, attorney’s fees and the destruction of the existing “flair.”

Watch Jennifer Anniston discuss flair in a clip from Office Space below.