Samsung Debuts Wallet App

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Samsung Debuts Wallet App

Samsung’s Wallet app made its debut at a Mobile World Congress developer conference on Wednesday, according to The Verge.

It’s been less than a day since Samsung announced Wallet, but the app has garnered considerable buzz in just a few hours. And it’s not even available for consumers yet.

Why the buzz? It’s because it bears a striking resemblance to Apple’s Passbook, right down to the logo.

Samsung’s Wallet app is supposed to allow users to store all of their event tickets, boarding passes and membership cards in one easy-to-access place. Just like Passbook.

Another feature allows users to view updates (both real-time and location-based) about the passes and tickets stored on their phone, just in case anything changes. Apple’s Passbook has this feature as well.

And another similarity between the two rival apps is a feature that both of them lack: NFC-support.

According to Forbes, NFC is Near Field Communication, devices with an NFC chip can support apps with a tap-to-pay feature. Samsung has devices with NFC chips in them but opted not to have Wallet be an app that uses it. Apple devices do not support NFC in general.

Samsung told The Verge that they opted to go without NFC because most retailers prefer barcodes since it is easier to scan them and they wouldn’t have to install new devices to accommodate NFC technology.

For now Wallet is only available to developers as a preview.

You can view a demonstration of Samsung’s Wallet app below.