Samuel Adams to Offer Boston Lager in Cans This Summer

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Samuel Adams to Offer Boston Lager in Cans This Summer

The Boston Beer Company, the maker of Samuel Adams beer, announced in a press release Tuesday that it will offer a canned version of its flagship Boston Lager starting early this summer.

But the company’s first and favorite beer won’t be packaged in a standard beer can. After two years of research, Samuel Adams has come up with its own design for the cans it will launch this year.

The “Sam Can” was designed to mimic the experience of drinking beer from a glass. The founder of Samuel Adams, Jim Koch, and his brewers consulted can manufacturer Ball Corporation, design firm IDEO and a beer flavor expert from the Master Brewer’s Association of the Americas named Roy Desrochers during the research and design of the “Sam Can.”

The result? A beer can with a wider lid and curved lip that is supposed to allow “for more air flow and positions the drinker’s nose closer to the hop aromas of the beer.”

One of the main advantages to offering its Boston Lager in cans, the company cites, is the ability to take its beer to locations that would normally be inconvenient for bottled beers like beaches, pools and sporting events.

And as The Los Angeles Times reports, The Boston Beer Co. is not the first craft brewer to launch a canned version of their beer: Sierra Nevada Brewing Company and Redhook Ale Brewery already sell certain IPAs in cans.

The canned version of Samuel Adams’ Boston Lager will be released this summer nationwide as a 12-pack with prices starting at $14.99.