Vimeo Acquires GIF-Making App Called Echograph

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Vimeo Acquires GIF-Making App Called Echograph

A short, looped video’s ability to bring a smile to someone’s face on even the worst of days has turned GIFs into an increasingly popular presence on the internet. Naturally, apps that give Smartphone users the ability to easily make their own GIFs have become all the rage.

In an effort to not miss the bandwagon, the popular video sharing site Vimeo has acquired a GIF-making application called Echograph, according to Venture Beat.

According to the report, the app lets you take five seconds of video then choose what sections of it you want to animate.

Cinemagram and Vine are two GIF-making apps that have become very popular in the past few months. Vine, by Twitter, was released a month ago and has already become one of the most talked about apps on social media. Cinemagram, basically animated Instagram, has been out since early last year and is also quite popular.

It’s not clear yet how Echograph will measure up, but the fact that Vimeo already knows video so well can only give the new application an advantage.

The Vimeo video below shows how the app works.