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With the help of SiriProxy, an iPhone and a credit-card sized computer known as a Raspberry Pi, a YouTuber simply known as Elvis Impersonator, has been able to use Apple’s Siri to automate certain household functions such as opening and closing garage doors, adjusting thermostats and even changing the channel on televisions, according to DVICE.

SiriProxy is a proxy server that “listens to your iPhone and performs commands based on what it says,” The Huffington Post explains.

Constructing your own Siri-automated house is not as difficult as you might think and may not even cost that much if you already own an iPhone.

A Raspberry Pi can cost either cost $25 or $35 (not counting applicable local taxes and shipping fees) depending on which model you choose, according to the Raspberry Pi website.

All of Elvis Impersonator’s software is open source so you can download a copy of his Raspberry Pi’s SD card and all the plugins you’d need from the links in the YouTube video’s description.

You can watch Siri automate a house in the video below.

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