Watch Frightened Rabbit's “Today’s Cross” Video

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Watch Frightened Rabbit's “Today’s Cross” Video

Following this week’s release of their album Pedestrian Verse, Scottish rockers Frightened Rabbit released a new video today for their song “Today’s Cross,” the B-side from the single release of “The Woodpile.”

The video shows a day in the life of a modern day messianic figure fighting off (pardon the pun) excruciating boredom as he attempts to finish writing The New New Testament before his publisher’s due date.

Cleverly placed details populate the video, such as his “World’s Best Prophet” coffee mug and the message “Call Dad” scrawled across his hand.

Pedestrian Verse is Frightened Rabbit’s follow up to last year’s State Hospital, which was one of our favorite EPs of 2012.

You can watch the video below.