Apple's Lawsuit Award Slashed, Samsung to Pay 40 Percent Less

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Apple's Lawsuit Award Slashed, Samsung to Pay 40 Percent Less

A federal judge called for a 40 percent reduction in the $1.05 billion in damages Samsung must pay Apple in a ruling made Friday, according to Wired.

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh ruled that a new trial was needed to reassess the damages for some of the case’s contested products and as a result lowered Apple’s award to $600 million.

The original $1.05 billion award had been decided by a jury last August. Earlier this year, Koh had already rejected Apple’s request to increase the original award and initially upheld the jury’s decision.

But now, after reviewing the method the jury used to assess the original award amount and finding that the award was improperly calculated using a method the jury had been instructed not to use, Koh has granted Samsung’s request for a new trial to reexamine and determine a new award amount for Apple.

Samsung’s Galaxy Prevail, as pictured above, is one of the contested products in Apple’s patent infringement battle with Samsung. Other products involved in the Apple v. Samsung patent infringement case include the Droid Charge, Galaxy Tab and the Nexus S 4G.