Report Says Christopher Nolan's Interstellar Lead Could go to Matthew McConaughey

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Report Says Christopher Nolan's <i>Interstellar</i> Lead Could go to Matthew McConaughey

Update: Star Tribune reports that Matthew McConaughey confirmed his Interstellar involvement by simply stating “I’m confirming” during a phone interview with the publication.

McConaughey said nothing more about the film or his role, which can be expected as Nolan films are generally kept under wraps. Still, we’ll do our best to keep you posted on other actors and plot details as they come.

Original Text:   Christopher Nolan  fans, brace yourself. Deadline has word that Nolan has offered Matthew McConaughey the lead in his latest film, Interstellar.

The film, which was originally set to be helmed by Steven Spielberg, was described in a press release as “a heroic interstellar voyage to the furthest reaches of our scientific understanding.”

According to the report, there is no deal yet. But if McConaughey signs on, he will play the role of a character named Cooper.

Nolan’s younger brother Jonathan Nolan penned the first draft of the script. Christopher subsequently signed on to contribute as well, then agreed to direct when Spielberg left the project.

Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures are co-producing the film. The release date is set for Nov. 7, 2014.