Daft Punk's New Album, Random Access Memories, Due on May 21

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Daft Punk's New Album, <i>Random Access Memories</i>, Due on May 21

Until this announcement of a new Daft Punk album for May 21, named Random Access Memories, there has been just a pinch of disbelief in whether this was actually happening. From their signing to Columbia Records to their SNL commercial, the eight-year wait (not counting 2010’s Tron: Legacy score) has left many fans skeptical, as rumors have swirled for much of that time. Well, it is now official. A new LP from Daft Punk is coming and you can pre-order it right now.

The iTunes listing does not give the names of the 13 songs appearing on the album, but it does give the lengths of the tracks. And, the album is long!

Check out the track lengths below and stay tuned for more information, particularly if musicians like Panda Bear and Nile Rodgers are appearing. And, yes, that is the cover. It’s perfect.

Random Access Memories track lengths:

1. 4:34
2. 5:21
3. 9:04
4. 3:48
5. 5:37
6. 5:53
7. 8:18
8. 6:07
9. 4:50
10. 5:41
11. 4:39
12. 4:11
13. 6:21