Disney Delays Launch of New Video Game

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Disney Delays Launch of New Video Game

The highly promoted, much anticipated Disney video game has pushed back its release date to August 18.

In January, Deadline reported a new game, titled Disney Infinity, would launch in June, coinciding with the release of Monster’s University. Disney said in a statement the video game would allow players to select characters from various Disney franchises and solve challenging puzzles, battle enemies and explore iconic locations from famous Disney properties. While playing, users collect unique characters, vehicles, and gadgets from each world and saving them to a virtual “Toy Box.” The challenges will be story-driven experiences called “play sets” and the toy boxes will allow players to build unique virtual worlds with what they collect.

The franchises in the game include Monster’s University, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Incredibles.

The game is now set to launch in August. Deadline reported the change in release date comes from retailers’ request.

Disney Interactive Co-President John Pleasants said to The New York Times that retailers wanted a date closer to the holiday season.