Eric Burdon to Release Memoir This Year

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Eric Burdon to Release Memoir This Year

It’s already been a big year for Animals frontman Eric Burdon, who just released a new solo album ‘Til Your River Runs Dry, which he brought with him to his South By Southwest appearances. To add to that list, Burdon has now signed on to release Breathless, a book based on his over 50-plus-year in the music industry.

“I live my life, Breathless,” Burdon said in a press release. “A life of constant motion and excitement. A life that many will envy and most would avoid! I’m extremely fortunate, at age 71, to look back on my life and write down some of the incredible things that have happened to me. In the day-to-day life of a traveling musician, it’s easy to miss so many details. The world goes by at high-speed; it will take your breath away. People we’ve encountered at pivotal moments who profoundly influence our direction are not necessarily the people whose names everybody knows. More often, they are the people who say or do just the right thing, at the right time. I’m writing this book to help myself remember the past, acknowledge the present and help the new generation to discover their own truth…I am writing this book for all of you who helped me discover who I am today.”

The book is currently being written by Burdon with support from his music publishing company and label, ABKCO. The label will release an audio version of the book, while the printed version will be released through Alfred Music, a Los Angeles-based publisher which specializes in educational material. Breathless will also be available as an eBook. No date is set for the book’s release, but a press release states it’s expected near the end of this year.

Eric Burdon is such an important voice in history, musically and lyrically,” Alfred CEO Ron Manus said in a press release. “What I find the most interesting in listening to him speak is his choice of words. They are very deliberate, very mesmerizing.”