Facebook Looking To Incorporate Hashtag Feature

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Facebook Looking To Incorporate Hashtag Feature

According to Wall Street Journal sources, Facebook is looking to use hashtags on their site allowing users a way to group conversations, something that has been notoriously associated with Twitter until recently.

Following a word or short phrase with the pound symbol (#) on Twitter creates a link that collects all tweets with that hashtag. It’s become a major part of the Twitter world and apparently, Facebook is debating building a similar function into Facebook. It would allow users to pull up a page with all posts about a similar topics.

Instagram, a picture sharing app that also uses hashtags, was acquired by Facebook last year and could have something to do with the interest in order make the two applications more in sync.

According to the report, there is no word on how long Facebook has been working on the hashtag function, or when/if it will be implemented. Still, Facebook taking leads from Twitter is only more evidence to the growing popularity of Twitter and the threat it is creating for Facebook.