Foxygen Cancels Remaining SXSW Performances

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Where South by Southwest is supposed to be a celebration of young acts, of musical discovery, of Doritos and Gatorade and Red Bull and Fader Forts and Prince and every publication and label and band, well, sometimes is isn’t. Both Diiv and Foxygen have seen a bit of a backlash (and some praise) for not hiding their distaste, exhaustion and all-around edginess.

So while Diiv decided to fight the media over Twitter, Foxygen literally offered to fight someone at a show. Now, Foxygen has decided to call it a day early, canceling two shows, one for Brooklyn Vegan and one for the Hotel San Jose showcase.

In a couple of tweets, the band blamed health and voice issues and promised to be back soon.

Hey guys, we had to cancel the @brooklynvegan showcase today. Sam has Lost his voice & is sick. We’re very sorry.— Foxygen (@foxygentheband) March 16, 2013We will also be canceling the Hotel San Jose showcase. Sorry to anybody who came out to see us. We'll play for you all soon, in good health.— Foxygen (@foxygentheband) March 16, 2013Not to editorialize too much, but there is something to be said for maybe not pushing these bands. I’m not there, so I have no idea, but I know that SXSW shouldn’t be like Thunder Dome or something where not only do you need talent, but also to deny your instincts, bite your tongue, play with sound that’s below your standards, and all for little to no pay. Maybe this isn’t a case of what’s wrong with the bands, but what’s wrong with us?

Or, you know, maybe Foxygen just isn’t feeling well.

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