Funny Or Die To Release Its Own Steve Jobs Biopic

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Funny Or Die To Release Its Own Steve Jobs Biopic

Get ready to laugh… or yell “Too soon!”

Funny or Die is joining the ranks of Aaron Sorkin and Ashton Kutcher in their quest for the ultimate Steve Jobs biopic.

According to The New York Times, Funny or Die has already made its “very silly” film about Jobs, iSteve, and will release it on their website on April 15.

iSteve will star Justin Long as the late CEO and co-founder of Apple, Inc. Jorge Garcia (Lost) will play Steve Wozniak.

So far, iSteve is ahead of Sorkin and Kutcher’s movies in the production process: Sorkin’s biopic is still being developed and while Kutcher’s movie has already premiered at Sundance, its original April release has been postponed until further notice.

iSteve, a 60-75 minute movie, was written and filmed in eight days and will be the longest project Funny or Die has ever produced.