Jeff Tweedy Will Produce Your Song for Fundraiser

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Jeff Tweedy Will Produce Your Song for Fundraiser

Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy has an album coming out this month as producer for the new Low LP, The Invisible Way. This continues an increased interest that the songwriter has taken in the art of knobs and dials, and now you can experience this firsthand if you’ve got the money.

An upcoming auction for the Chicago high school Northside College Prep will offer eight hours of studio time with Jeff Tweedy at The Loft, the studio that birthed Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Tweedy will be involved in every step of your song’s recording for those eight hours, like a dutiful hired hand that also intimidates you with his talent.

“Your session will be tracked by a staff engineer and overseen by Jeff Tweedy,” the auction description states, “who will also help you produce and arrange your song….and maybe even play on it if you need him to! You will leave with a CD of a finished mix. Date to be determined according to schedules.”

The current bid is $3,250 and you have until March 12 to top that. As to why Tweedy is doing this, he is just fulfilling his fatherly duties, as the school is attended by his sons.