Oberhofer Releases "Slumber Party" EP on Bandcamp

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Brad Oberhofer has played Coachella, seen a band form around his name, and seems to be one of the indie-labeled acts that could be destined for bigger stages and radio play and a Taco Bell commercial. But, with the release of a pay-what-you-want EP on his Bandcamp, Oberhofer may decide his career should go in a different direction.

Oberhofer  posted on his Facebook: “Had a crazy night last night. First slumber party record. More in the future. All songs written, recorded, mixed from 12:47-8:53 this morning. Probably the most personal thing i’ve ever shared with more than one person at a time.”

The collection bears the title of CANNIBALISM, FREUD, NIGHT OF 3?.?15?.?13?/?MORNING OF 3?.?16?.?13 and the instant reaction is that it doesn’t sound like it was made that quickly, but that some actual time and effort has been placed into the songs. So, if Oberhofer is looking to impress us, it’s working.

Check out the “slumber party” record at Oberhofer’s Bandcamp or below.


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