Participant Media To Launch New Cable Network pivot

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In partnership with Rolling Stone and Univision, Participant Media announced their new cable network, pivot.

Pivot is set to launch Aug. 1 and will be available through traditional pay TV packages in addition to streaming. Promoted as “TV That Matters For The New Greatest Generation,” pivot will also offer a broadband-only subscription.

The programming slate will include Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s HitRECord on TV! variety show, a Shakespeare saga titled Will from Moulin Rouge writer Craig Pearce, a docu-series titled Raising McCain with blogger/political daughter Meghan McCain, a Romeo and Juliet-type reality series Jersey Strong from Marc Levin and Mark Benjamin as well a features from Univision News and Latin World. Pivot has also acquired the rights to broadcast Friday Night Lights and the Jim Henson Productions sci-fi series Farscape.

“The success of this network will be based on its impact. Both our programming and distribution model are designed to disrupt conventional wisdom,” network president Evan Shapiro said at the presentation. “By building the network around our double bottom line, we spark change through entertaining stories told by powerful voices such as Joe, Meghan, Craig, the Marks and Univision. By combining the dominant pay TV model with an unconventional streaming package, we are adapting to changes our audience has already made.”

Pivot has planned 300 hours of programming for its first year.

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