Breaking Bad Script Taken in Burglary of Bryan Cranston's Car

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<i>Breaking Bad</i> Script Taken in Burglary of Bryan Cranston's Car

Last December, someone broke into Breaking Bad lead Bryan Cranston’s Audi. Among other things stolen, a script has gone missing from the popular television show.

And now a man has been arrested for the burglary of Cranston’s car, but the script is still missing, according to E!.

Xavier McAfee, 29, was arrested Friday on suspicion of breaking into Cranston’s car on Dec. 20 and stealing a shoulder bag that contained a few miscellaneous personal effects, a Breaking Bad script and an iPad.

The crime occurred just outside of Albuquerque, N.M., where episodes of Breaking Bad are normally filmed.

None of the stolen items, including the script, have been found, according to the New York Daily News.

With the script still missing, we’re thinking now is a good time to set up those Twitter filters to assure nothing is spoiled. The second half of Breaking Bad’s final season is set to air this summer.