PSY Announces Lofty Plans to Follow Up "Gangnam Style"

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PSY Announces Lofty Plans to Follow Up "Gangnam Style"

Rapper PSY announced Friday via YouTube the release date of a new single and an upcoming celebratory concert for it, The Huffington Post points out.

The release of PSY’s follow-up to “Gangnam Style” will be accompanied by a concert at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in Seoul, South Korea. The concert, called “Happening,” will also be broadcast live on YouTube.

PSY’s second single is slated to be released on April 13. The concert will occur that night.

The upcoming single has big shoes to fill as “Gangnam Style” was no average No. 1 hit. On YouTube, the video for one of 2012’s most viral songs received 1.39 billion views.

You can view PSY’s video announcement below.