Vimeo to Launch Visual Effects, Video Filters Feature

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Vimeo to Launch Visual Effects, Video Filters Feature

In a press release, Vimeo announced Thursday the launch of a new visual effects feature for its video sharing site.

The new feature is called “Looks” and its a collection of over 500 visual effects filters that can be applied to users’ original videos. Kind of like Instagram filters but for entire videos.

Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor talked about the visual enhancements of professionally done videos and said in the press release that with Looks, Vimeo’s “aim is to make these types of high quality visual effects easy and accessible to everyone.”

The new Looks feature allows users to perform several main functions: browse and use over 500 video filters (Looks), preview each ‘look’ as applied to an actual video and not just a stock image and compare both versions of the video, the original and the Looks-filtered one in real-time. There are also customization options such as the intensity adjustment option and the ability to trim the use of the filter to only be used on certain portions of a video.

Vimeo’s new Looks feature is a product of a partnership between itself and a “visual enhancing platform” called Vivoom. Through this partnership, Vivoom also offers another option for Vimeo users through the Looks feature: The Enhancer.

The Enhancer can make creative recommendations based on technical data gathered from users’ videos and their own social data.

Registered Vimeo users will have free access to the Looks feature for 90 days. After that, as Vimeo told Engadget, each Look will cost 99 cents each to use.