Watch Mumford and Sons' "Whispers in the Dark" Video

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Watch Mumford and Sons' "Whispers in the Dark" Video

After a major Grammy win, Mumford and Sons are busy men. And, as shown in the music video for their song “Whispers in the Dark,” they have quite interesting off-stage lives as well.

In a set-up reminiscent of the experimental Mike Figgis’ film Timecode, the video divides the screen into four sections, with each focusing on a different band member and their journey to get to the venue for a concert. While some take the quirky route (Ted Dwane must spend time getting his fake, 19th century era beard placed on), others take a path that seems straight out of a rom-com climax (keyboardist Ben Lovett settles for abandoning his car in traffic and speeds on foot to his destination). All in all, not a half bad pre-show ritual.

Watch the video below.