Watch the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' SXSW Set with Four New Songs

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One of this year’s biggest returns is the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, part of the old-guard of Brooklyn that haven’t lost a bit of their cool or their weirdness over the last decade. Mosquito, their fourth LP, will be out on April 16 via Interscope.

Tonight they played Stubbs for SXSW and below is a video of the entire set. The audio is not the best, but we’ll sub it out if a better version becomes available. Setlist for the show is also below, with four of the tracks from their upcoming release.

We were at the packed show ourselves, which featured a blonde Karen O taking on the new tracks in a yellow, sparkly cowboy-type outfit that would make Elton John blush. The return of bassist/guitarist/keyboard player David Pajo (of Slint fame) on this tour has added a welcome fullness to the trio, especially on the bass-heavy “Mosquito” and the live debut of the chilling, choral “Sacrilege.” Guitarist Nick Zinner seemed to want to capture the show’s moments himself, snapping photos of the crowd during an instrumental break and at the end of the show. If anything, the appearance has given us a lot to look forward to on what’s bound to be an atmospheric set of Yeah Yeah Yeahs tracks.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Setlist

Cold Light
Under the Earth
Art Star
Gold Lion
Cheated Hearts
Miles Away
Heads Will Roll

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