CBGB Directors to Make Gregg Allman Biopic

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<i>CBGB</i> Directors to Make Gregg Allman Biopic

Fresh off the completion of CBGB, their docu-drama surrounding the establishment of New York’s infamous blues bar-turned-punk-rock-oasis, director Randall Miller and screenwriter Jody Savin may be on their way to making a biopic of Allman Brothers Band frontman Gregg Allman.

According to Billboard, the duo has picked up the rights for Allman’s best-selling memoir My Cross to Bear, which Allman co-wrote with Alan Light.

Miller and Savin said the film version will cover two distinct narrative strands in Allman’s life: one on Allman founding the Allman Brothers Band and dealing with the sudden explosion of fame; the second will focus on Allman’s attempt to clean up his act at the age of 64.

According to Miller, the film’s redemptive arc is what drew him to the project.

“We knew it was a great story but didn’t know how great it was until we read the book,” Miller says in the article. “That journey and coming out the other side is not the normal falling-into-hell story that rock and roll often is.”

The filmmakers will be working with Allman and longtime manager Michael Lehman, who will also serve as executive producers on the project.

The current plan is to incorporate a mixture of original songs and Allman Brothers standards that will be sung and performed by the actors.