Code Reveals Google Glass May Allow Users to Take Photos With Just a Wink

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Code Reveals Google Glass May Allow Users to Take Photos With Just a Wink

It’s going to happen: The first photo taken with Google Glass will be known as the wink that launched thousands of awkward selfies.

Wired points out that, while Reddit user Fodawim was perusing the code for Google Glass’ Companion App, the user discovered Google Glass may have been designed to allow users to use facial movements and head gestures to control certain functions of Google’s wearable computer.

Taking photos and turning Google Glass on or off are the main functions expected to be controlled by user head movements. The photo function is said to be controlled by users’ winks.

A “head wake” function would turn the headset computer on or off. It seems that, the “head wake” function (which seems to be also known as On-Head Detection in some circles) turns the headset on once it’s detected on your head and turns it off once it is removed.

The code also showed other features that Glass may offer: a “guest mode” and two-finger touch-to-zoom. It’s unclear at this time whether “guest mode” can be triggered by head movements, it is expected to allow users to share their wearable computer with their friends without compromising their own privacy.

From the code, it looks like the zoom feature will be controlled by users’ fingers and will allow users to zoom in on its browser.

Google Glass  is expected to be officially available for purchase in 2014.