Google Launches One Today, A Philanthropic Android App

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Google Launches One Today, A Philanthropic Android App

Google launched a new philanthropic mobile app for Android called One Today last week, TechCrunch points out.

One Today connects charities with prospective donors by educating users about different non-profit organizations, facilitating micro-donations and including a social media feature that not only helps promote a given charity but also encourages friends of donors to donate as well.

The app also sends you information on charities based on your past donations. So the more you donate, the more likely it is that you’ll see organizations that fit your interests.

One Today is also unique in that users are only allowed to donate $1 per charity per day. But if you’d like to donate more, you have the option of recruiting your friends match your own donation.

Donations made through Google’s philanthropic app are tax deductible in the United States.

Participating non-profit organizations will receive all but 1.9 percent of each donation made to them. That 1.9 percent is a payment processing fee. And so, for every dollar donated, a given organization would receive about 98 cents.

Network for Good, a well known philanthropic website has also joined Google in its One Today venture as it helps to collect and distribute the donations to participating charities. One Today is currently only available to U.S. Android users and only via an invite. You can request an invite here.