Heineken Working on "Smart" Beer Bottle

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Heineken Working on "Smart" Beer Bottle

You know when you’re at a party, you’re feeling the alcohol and the music and you just wish that your beer bottle could join in on the experience?

Heineken does, and now they’re creating the “smart beer bottle.” Digiday reports that as a part of their Heineken Ignite campaign, the company has created a bottle that uses micro sensors and wireless technology. The result is a bottle that can sense motion and light up in response to its environment.

According to the report, the bottle can sense the difference between you dancing, cheering, drinking and bar chilling. The lights can also be synchronized to the music with a remote control, guaranteeing it will be more on-beat than you.

The bottle design came up as a part of the company’s desire to develop a bottle that used interactive technology and mobile technology. Heineken enlisted the help of interactive agency Tribal DDB to assist in developing the concept and product.

The smart bottle is currently being tested at Milan Design Week but there is no word on when the product will be available in stores or, more importantly, how much it will cost.

But really, can you put a price on an alcohol bottle that can actually party with you?

Check out the “smart bottle” featured in the Heineken Ignite ad below.