White House Issues Statement on Jay-Z's "Open Letter"

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White House Issues Statement on Jay-Z's "Open Letter"

Updated: Here’s a sign that Jay-Z should be taken seriously. The White House’s press secretary Jay Carney weighed in on his song that was released earlier this morning in a briefing, USA Today reported. The lyrics in question said Jay-Z had “White House clearance” to go to Cuba.

“I guess nothing rhymes with Treasury,” Carney said in the briefing. “Because Treasury offers and gives licenses for travel, as you know, and the White House has nothing to do with it.” He later added “I am absolutely saying that the White House and president on down has not had anything to do with anyone’s travel to Cuba, that is something Treasury handles.”

Original Text: Instead of a press release, Jay-Z premiered his latest track “Open Letter” this morning on New York’s Hot 97 as a response to the controversy surrounding his recent trip to Cuba with his wife Beyonce.

Produced by Timabland and Swizz Beatz, “Open Letter” voices Jay’s annoyance with politicians arguing the legality of his anniversary trip with the lyrics, “Wanna give me jail time and a fine? Fine, let me commit a real crime.”

Jay also dismisses the rumors of him selling his share of the Brooklyn Nets by rapping, “Could’ve brought the Nets to Brooklyn for free except I made millions off it, you f***in’ dweeb. I still own the building, I’m still keeping my seat. Y’all buy that bullshit, you’d better keep your receipt.”

Also complete with references to rapper Chief Keef and Bob Dylan’s “Idiot Wind”, check out “Open Letter” via SoundCloud in the player below.