Artist Creates Star Wars/Little Miss Sunshine Mashup Poster

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After Michael Arndt was announced as the Star Wars: Episode VII screenwriter last November, a Los Angeles-based previsualization artist named Josh Lange, who has worked on feature films like Marvel Studios’ The Avengers, got to work. Lange created a mashup poster of the forthcoming film with Arndt’s 2006 film Little Miss Sunshine.

Building off of the official Little Miss Sunshine movie poster, Lange maintains most of the original design while amending a few aspects to represent Star Wars imagery.

Instead of the Volkswagen van, Lange’s poster features the Millienium Falcon. He points out on his Tumblr, “certain subtleties were serendipitous, like the similarity of vests between the characters of Alan Arkin and Harrison Ford.” Another nice touch is the new subtitle text, “A franchise on the verge of a makeover,” which replaces “A family on the verge of a breakdown” from the original poster.



Via: Laughing Squid

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