Netflix CEO: House of Cards Had "Gentle Impact" on Growth

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Netflix CEO: <i>House of Cards</i> Had "Gentle Impact" on Growth

House of Cards was a major experiment by Netflix that no doubt resulted in some serious water cooler talk. What it wasn’t, apparently, was a compelling reason for people to buy Netflix subscriptions.

In a conference call interview with Wall Street analysts on Monday (and reported by The Hollywood Reporter), Netflix CEO Reed Hastings stated the show had only a “gentle impact” on subscriber growth for the recent quarter. In fact, Hastings added that Hemlock Grove—a Netflix original series that was both less hyped and received far harsher reviews that House of Cards— earned a bigger global audience during its first weekend out than the David Fincher-produced series.

Hastings, however, is expecting there to be a spike following the May 26 launch of new Arrested Development episodes

Netflix reportedly added 2.03 million domestic streaming subscribers in the first quarter. This is up from the 1.74 million they brought that quarter in the previous year. In total, Netflix ended the quarter with 29.2 million domestic streamers.