Beyoncé's Pepsi Commercial Features New Music

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Beyoncé's Pepsi Commercial Features New Music

Beyoncé warned her Beyhive to be on high alert this morning, as she would be releasing something at 9 a.m.

She delivered in the form of a new Pepsi commercial that features the star hallucinating and dancing with multiple Beyoncés (Beyonci?), which is probably what happens when you drink Pepsi while working out. The #BeyHereNow commercial “Mirrors” also previews a new song reportedly titled “Grown Woman.”

In December, it was reported that Beyoncé signed a $50 million contract with Pepsi, a deal that would allow her major creative control. It seems Pepsi kept their word. USA Today reports Beyoncé chose the song for the ad, and will have creative input for can designs and consumer content.

Watch the new commercial below.