Rdio Creators Introduce Video Streaming Service

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Rdio Creators Introduce Video Streaming Service

The creators behind Rdio, an ad-free music subscription service, are looking to do the same for video with—you guessed it—Vdio.

Through a news release on its website, the company said the goal was always to bring the best experience to online multimedia. After covering music with Rdio, the company is branching into the video market with Vdio. Vdio, as described on their blog, is “a beautiful new way to buy, rent, and share your favorite movies and TV shows with your friends, in real-time.” According to the release, content will be updated daily with new titles, bonus content and TV episodes the day after they air.

The release states Vdio’s model is designed to help people choose what to watch based on “Sets” (playlists of movies and TV shows), or by seeing what their friends are watching at the moment.

Vdio will be available on the web and Apple’s iPad.

Currently, Vdio is only offered as a preview to Rdio Unlimited subscribers who also get a $25 credit to use on Vdio. This is also available to anyone who signs up for Rdio Unlimited in the next 60 days. Check out the new service here.