Steve Buscemi Meets Vampire Weekend, Hilarity Ensues

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Steve Buscemi Meets Vampire Weekend, Hilarity Ensues

Vampire Weekend  bassist Chris Baio’s recent “discovery” that he is a distant cousin of Steve Buscemi is still yielding hilarious results. First we saw the actor meeting up with the band at a parade, then it was announced he’d direct them for an American Express live show. Now, we get to see the first time the band met the actor in a brand new video, filled with awkward banter and Buscemi trying to sell the guys on an AOL email account.

“I don’t always understand the songs, to be honest,” Buscemi told the band. “I’m wondering, is this something you talk about? Like, let’s write a song people can understand. Do you ever do that?”

You can watch the whole thing above. Vampire Weekend’s Roseland Ballroom show, which Buscemi will direct for a live stream, is set for April 28. Vampire Weekend’s forthcoming album, Modern Vampires of the City is out May 14.

(Via CoS)