Third Man Records to Release White Stripes Double-Live LP, Elephant Demos

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Third Man RecordsVault series is releasing an exclusive package to honor the 10th anniversary of The White Stripes’ 2003 album Elephant. Vault package #16 will include a live double album, 7” with unreleased demos of “I Want to Be the Boy Who Warms Your Mother’s Heart” and “Little Acorns” as well as a photo book of Elephant recording sessions.

Titled Nine Miles From the White City, the 26-track live album was recorded at Aragon Ballroom in Chicago during 2003. The photo book features David Swanson’s documentation of Jack and Meg White while creating their major-label debut.

The records will be packaged in the Stripes’ signature red and white color scheme. Visit Vault’s website here to sign up for the package. The deadline is April 30.

Check out the track list for Nine Miles From the White City below.

Nine Miles From the White City Track List:
1. When I Hear My Name
2. Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
3. Love Sick (Bob Dylan cover)
4. Hotel Yorba
5. Aluminum
6. Cool Drink of Water Blues (Tommy Johnson cover)
7. The Hardest Button to Button
8. I Want to Be the Boy to Warm Your Mother’s Heart
9. Stones in My Passway (Robert Johnson cover)
10. Stop Breakin’ Down (Robert Johnson cover)
11. Do
12. In the Cold, Cold Night
13. Seven Nation Army
14. The Same Boy You’ve Always Known
15. Black Jack Davey
16. We Are Going to Be Friends
17. Offend in Every Way
18. Little Cream Soda
19. Cannon/Party of Special Things to Do (Captain Beefheart cover)
20. Candy Cane Children
21. The Air Near My Fingers
22. Screwdriver (tease)
23. Ball and Biscuit
24. Screwdriver (reprise)
25. Let’s Build a Home
26. Goin’ Back to Memphis (Henry & June cover)

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