Watch New Teaser Trailers for Iron Man 3, Man of Steel

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Watch New Teaser Trailers for <i>Iron Man 3</i>, <i>Man of Steel</i>

The MTV Movie Awards provided sneak peeks to the hopeful summer blockbusters Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel.

In the teaser trailer for Iron Man 3, Tony Stark battles in a near-death experience wearing his new prototype armor to propel a grand piano toward a helicopter. Disney will release the third installment starring Marvel’s genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist on May 3.

Warner Bros. also released a preview of Superman’s return to the big screen. The clip features the disembodied voice of DC Comics villan General Zod. Man of Steel is set to release in theaters on June 14.

Watch the teaser trailers for the upcoming superhero films below.