Zach Braff's Wish I Was Here Kickstarter Hits $2 Million Goal in Three Days

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Zach Braff's <i>Wish I Was Here</i> Kickstarter Hits $2 Million Goal in Three Days

After three days and more than 28,000 backers, actor Zach Braff reached his Kickstarter project goal of $2 million on Saturday.

Inspired by the recent success of the Veronica Mars-movie project on Kickstarter and driven by a desire to retain creative control of his own project, Braff launched his page on the fundraising site Wednesday for his newest project, an independent film starring, written and directed by himself and titled Wish I Was Here.

Wish I Was Here, according to Zach Braff’s Kickstarter page, is about an actor in his mid-30s, who is “still trying to find his identity” in the midst of being the head of his financially struggling family.

Braff’s Kickstarter page will continue to take donations until May 24. Braff had raised $2,891,729 from 31,227 backers so far.

You can view a particularly funny informational video (featuring The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons and Scrubs’ Donald Faison for Wish I Was Here below.