Arnold Schwarzenegger in Talks for Toxic Avenger Remake

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Arnold Schwarzenegger in Talks for <i>Toxic Avenger</i> Remake

After the commercial disappoint and box-office drubbing that greeted his supposed “comeback” vehicle, The Last Stand, Arnold Schwarzenegger looks as though he’ll be revisiting an old character as his next career step—and no, we don’t mean The Terminator or Conan.

Deadline reports that the former Governator is now in negotiation to appear in writer/director Steve Pink’s (Hot Tub Time Machine) proposed remake of The Toxic Avenger, the low-budget 1984 film superhero film originally produced by the the schlock-inclined production company Troma Entertainment.

The original film told the story of a lowly janitor who falls into a drum of chemical waste and becomes a disfigured, yet powerful superhero. The updated version would take a similar plotline, only replacing the janitor character with a put-upon high schooler.

If cast, Schwarzenegger would play “The Exterminator,” a former black-ops agent who takes the protagonist under his wing and teaches him to use his powers for good.

The report says the film is currently in pre-production and is expected to be introduced to buyers at the Cannes film festival. Principal photography is scheduled to commence in the fall.