Daft Punk Announces Plans For Random Access Memories Remixes

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Daft Punk Announces Plans For <i>Random Access Memories</i> Remixes

With Random Access Memories Daft Punk found themselves immersed in the world of disco, trading in their sample based house music for funk-filled live instrumentation. While many applauded the bold step forward for the robo-duo, others were left disappointed with the lack of pulsing four on the floors. But disco detractors shall worry no more, as Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo recently announced their plans to remix tracks from Random Access Memories, starting with the smash-single “Get Lucky.”

Bangalter and Guy-Manuel joined BBC1’s Peter Tong to discuss some of the process behind the creation of Random Access Memories and naturally, the topic of remixes poked its way into the conversation. The duo expressed their excitement at working with live musicians for their latest album, but will return back to their sample based roots to revamp select tracks from Random Access Memories.

“Usually, we never mix ourselves” Bangalter said, “that’s something we feel we’re interested in doing this time.” Bangalter went on to state that the “Get Lucky” remix would be released at the end of June, but as of yet there is no word on when we will be getting further remixes from the group.

Listen to the band’s full interview with Peter Tong below:

(via MTV)