Linklater Hoping to Shoot Dazed and Confused Sequel This Fall

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Linklater Hoping to Shoot <i>Dazed and Confused</i> Sequel This Fall

This fall, Richard Linklater (The School of Rock, Bernie, Before Sunrise) is hoping to start shooting the sequel to his cult classic film, Dazed and Confused.

The director hinted at the news in his Reddit AMA yesterday, saying that he’s “hoping to make it this fall, actually.” He mentioned that with the “spiritual sequel,” reportedly titled That’s What I’m Talking About, he wants to “mix it up with a big ensemble.”

In 2010, he told IndieWire that the film was “just sitting there. I even have it financed, I just have to get a distributor that would do it or would give me enough to make it.” The sequel is set to be a college-set period film. Hopefully we’ll see some of Linklater’s cast from the original reprise their characters.