The Dodos Announce New Album, Carrier

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Dodos singer/guitarist Meric Long is no stranger to melancholy tunes, but on Carrier, the band’s follow-up to 2011’s No Color, the pain that colors this 11-track album is recent for him and drummer Logan Kroeber.

The album was written in a period deeply influenced by the unexpected death of guitarist Christopher Reimer. Embracing a more organic approach to songwriting in Reimer’s wake, the San Francisco natives’ fifth LP release will see a shift in tone and style from previous efforts.

This is the first time Long has experimented with recording vocals before music and was written with just an electric guitar in hand. The new direction in sound, which was borrowed from Reimer’s free-form approach to songwriting, is clear on the first Carrier single, “Confidence.”

“Chris was a huge influence on the way I think about guitar, songwriting, and music in general,” Long said. “Seeing how he could transform and shape sound with an electric guitar inspired me to explore more tones and use those tones to begin writing a song.”

Long’s isolated vocals in the track’s opening minutes act as the centerfold and are later enveloped into the band’s signature sprawling combination of energetic strumming and frenzied drumwork.

A teaser video for Carrier—which will be released via Polyvinyl Records on August 27—combines live tour footage with clips of the band horsing around on the road, and previews a full North American tour from Dodos following the album release. Take a listen to “Confidence” below.

Carrier Tracklisting:
1. Transformer
2. Substance
3. Confidence
4. Stranger
5. Relief
6. Holidays
7. Family
8. The Current
9. Destroyer
10. Death
11. The Ocean

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