Dogfish Head Finalizes Grateful Dead Pale Ale Ingredients

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We all remember specific moments from our first concert experiences, and Thomas Butler recalls two from his first Grateful Dead show at age 9: the “cigarettes” people were passing around and colliding with a woman wearing only a soaking wet white sheet after being tossed over the fence by his dad to skip getting a second ticket.

Thirty years later, Butler submitted his story to Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. The Delaware brewery requested ingredient suggestions and fan tales for a Dead-inspired beer, and Butler’s story—and ingredients—competed with more than 1,500 submissions.

The ingredients ranged from red grenadine from “Brown Eyed Woman” to jalapenos like the ones that burned the mouth of one Dead Head after first hearing “Mexicali Blues,” but Butler’s suggestion of granola—specifically the elements of honey, toasted oats, fruits—triumphed.

“The idea is to have a sessionable ale that highlights the oats and honey with a nice ‘dank’ hop selection,” Butler said in a press release.

In May, Butler will join Dogfish founder Sam Calagione and Grateful Dead archivist David Lemieux in Rehoboth Beach, Del., for a test brew of American Beauty ale with granola. If all goes well, this groovy production batch should hit taps in October.

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