Hanson Finally Debuts Craft Beer MMMHops

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Hanson Finally Debuts Craft Beer MMMHops

Though our Awesome of the Day a while back on the Hanson brothers’ craft beer venture, MmmHops, may have had you thinking the trio’s announcement was just trolling, the band quelled any doubt by officially debuting the beer at a Hangover Part III afterparty on Monday.

It was no coincidence that the beer debuted in conjunction with the comedy. The opening scene saw Wolf Pack-member Zach Galifianakis in his car, “bopping” along to the infectious ‘90s tune that made the brothers famous.

The beer, whose label reads “from the guys that invented MMMBop,” was produced with the help of a Mustang Brewing, a brewery from their home state of Oklahoma. However, the brew that actor Ed Helms and others sipped on at the party was just a sampling of what’s to come.

Mustang Brewing founder Tim Schoelen told BeerPulse.com, “The final recipe is yet to be determined. In fact, Hanson was in our brewery this week working with us on a pilot brew. They’re great guys and serious craft beer fans. We look forward to working with them.”