Jeff Tweedy Collaborates with Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion for "Chairman Meow"

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Throw Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy into a Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion pop song that mentions cats, and baby, you’ve got a twee stew going.

“Chairman Meow” is one of 11 tracks from the duo’s upcoming album, Wassaic Way, which was produced by Tweedy and Patrick Sansone. The album is the latest from an ongoing collaboration between Wilco and the Guthrie family.

“We actually ended up rewriting a lot of these songs with Jeff in the studio,” Guthrie says. “We would powwow on a song before we got going on it…just me and Johnny and Jeff, making sure it was lyrically sound and there were no musical loopholes.”

“Chairman Meow” sounds like a sunny Rubber Soul-era Beatles tune…if the foursome were really into cat puns. The track mentions L.A. neighborhoods such as Hancock Park, Miracle Mile and Koreatown while paying a silly tribute to the Chinese revolutionary. Listen to the track below and look out for the album on Aug. 6.

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