Listen to a Previously Unreleased Cass McCombs Track "Three Men Sitting On A Hollow Log"

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It’s been a couple of years since a full Cass McCombs album, but that’s understandable once you consider the man’s creative output for 2011. McCombs released two incredible albums, Wit’s End and Humor Risk that were vastly different in tone. It was a massive undertaking that paid off brilliantly, but since 2011 we’ve only been given sporadic one-offs to quell the wait for another album. That’s where “Three Men Sitting On A Hollow Log” comes in.

“Three Men Sitting On A Hollow Log” is a foot-stomping folk tune that elicits vivid images of a rustic scene, “far away from the city smog.” Cass McCombs’ clever wordplay and catchy refrains fill this song with bright melodies.

“Three Men Sitting On A Hollow Log” is the A-side to a forthcoming 7” with Michael Hurley that’s set to be released in July on Secret Seven.

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