Michael C. Hall Signs on for Film Adaptation of Cold In July

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Michael C. Hall’s breakout role as serial-killer Dexter Morgan may be coming to an end with the upcoming final season of Showtime’s Dexter, but that doesn’t mean Hall’s violent ways are over just yet.

According to Deadline, Michael C. Hall just signed on to play the role of Richard Dane in the film adaptation of the cult classic novel Cold In July. Richard Dane, the lead in this beloved Joe R. Lansdale novel, shoots and kills an intruder in the dead of night.

While most view the killing as a justified act of self-defense, the intruder’s ex-con father doesn’t seem to agree with the righteousness of Dane’s act and sets out on a violent path to avenge his son’s death. Mayhem ensues as this vengeful tale unfolds and everyone from the feds to the Dixie mafia finds their way into the plot of this exciting thriller.

Directed by Jim Mickle, whose recent horror film We Are What We Are received great reviews at Cannes Film Festival, Cold In July is set to begin filming this July with an early 2014 release date.

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