Michael Cera Stars in Short Gregory Go Boom For YouTube's Comedy Week

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Michael Cera Stars in Short <i>Gregory Go Boom</i> For YouTube's Comedy Week

Whether he acknowledges it, no one does ‘awkward’ better than Michael Cera. The actor stars in a short film called Gregory Go Boom that was released recently on YouTube for Comedy Week that features his singular brand of awkward humor. But for those looking for entertainment before Sunday’s return of shy, fumbling George Michael Bluth, easy laughs are a lot harder to come by in this dark comedy.

Sporting a thick pair of glasses, Cera plays a lonely paraplegic in search of love. The short film runs a little over 17 minutes, and opens with Sarah Burns as Cera’s sister Rose and Brett Gelman as Tom, Cera’s deadbeat brother who has “10 kids with 10 different girls.”

The short—written by Janicza Bravo—starts out slowly with uneasy dialogue, but takes a dark and wild turn in the last three minutes. Check it out for yourself above.