Steve Carell Rumored to Appear on The Office Finale

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Steve Carell Rumored to Appear on <i>The Office</i> Finale

Spoiler Alert: Obviously in discussing the rumored appearance of Steve Carell for one more Office episode, there’s a possibility that some spoilers may arise. Read the following report, which hasn’t been confirmed by NBC, at your own risk.

It’s been two years since Michael Scott left the offices of Dunder Mifflin to start a life with his fiancé Holly in the episode “Goodbye, Michael,” but on the May 16 series finale of The Office, audiences might get another chance to see Steve Carell’s iconic character.

According to TVLine, The Office executive producer Greg Daniels has stated that he and Carell thought “Goodbye, Michael” was Scott’s appropriate goodbye, however unnamed sources for TVLine say a cameo in the final episode is likely.

This weekend, the stars of The Office had their wrap party in Scranton, Penn., where Carell also made an appearance. It’s already been announced that the final episode will take place at a wedding, however whose wedding is still unknown. The finale already has plenty of cameos planned, but it’ll be interesting to see if a big Michael Scott surprise is fit in.

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