Modern Times Beer Breaks Records with Kickstarter Campaign

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And the record-breaking Kickstarter news just keeps on coming.

Modern Times Beer has broken two Kickstarter records with one ambitious fundraising campaign.

According to Beer Pulse, the campaign raised a total of $65,471 from 645 contributors. Prior to this, no brewery had raised more than $45,000 or had more than 545 backers.

Modern Times’ goal was $45,000, which was reached in two weeks. It had a stretch goal of $65,000. The company insisted the initial $45,000 raised would, among other things, allow for a build out of the tasting room, buying used wine and spirits and buying lab equipment.

The subsequently raised $20,000 is going towards buying a solar water heating system.

Modern Times Founder Jacob McKean attributes the success of the campaign to the “enthusiastic following” the company garnered in the months prior to the launch.

Whatever the reason for their success, there are still some people who don’t quite believe in the corporate Kickstarter use.

In a response, Scott Metzger, the founder of Free Tail Brewing, started his own satirical campaign. The campaign wished to raise money for a Freetail Delivery Lamborghini claiming a car that travels 200 mph “doubles the freshness” of their beer over their competition. In a loaded statement, he said, “It is time to cast aside the archaic economic philosophies of our forefathers that puts corporate funds at risk for ventures that only might possibly generate a positive return.”

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