Movie Theaters Push for Shorter Trailers

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Movie Theaters Push for Shorter Trailers

Notoriously unpunctual moviegoers, you might be out of luck. The National Association of Theater Owners (NATO) is looking to cut down theatrical trailers to two minutes, shaving 30 seconds off the current standard running time.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, NATO is pushing for such new marketing rules in order to give more control to theater owners, who often feel that the trailers are too lengthy and can reveal too much of a film’s storyline.

Audiences seem to agree. A survey done by YouGov Omnibus found that half of Americans feel that today’s trailers give too much away of a film’s best scenes.

With some theaters running roughly 20 minutes of trailers before a showing, the request shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. But Hollywood disagrees with the NATO board’s initiative. These studios rely heavily on such pre-screening promos that are one of the biggest factors that help Americans decide whether to see a film.

If this new plan is implemented, studios also fear a theater owner could refuse to play a trailer exceeding two minutes or will run more trailers, which often studios pay for.

No word yet on whether NATO will also tackle other theater issues, such as screaming children and chronic texting.