See Highlights From Ondi Timoner's Hot Docs Keynote Address

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See Highlights From Ondi Timoner's Hot Docs Keynote Address

Two-time Sundance winner and sometime Paste collaborator Ondi Timoner gave the keynote address at Hot Docs in Toronto last week, and it was a doozy. Now you can see highlights from her talk as part of the page for her Kickstarter campaign for A Total Disruption here.

Timoner’s project, which was April’s Paste Kickstarter Pick of the Month, has already reached its initial goal, but has set several “stretch goals” to allow an even broader reach. “If we can raise an additional $40,000,” Timoner says, “we will have the budget we need to produce the first-ever online course for content creators, which we are making in collaboration with best-selling author of The Lean Startup, Eric Ries, and co-producing with the CFC Media Lab. This unprecedented course will not only instruct all of us working in the arts on how to approach our work – from production to distribution – with the lean startup techniques that have become gospel in the tech world – but also bring us into the headquarters of the top emerging platforms innovating new and better ways for us to finance, produce, distribute, and monetize our work.”

The following stretch goal, of another $20,000, will launch a new series about the visionary venture capitalists funding all these innovators. And a final stretch goal of another $20,000 will allow ATD to follow its Chief Executive Artist Amanda Palmer overseas.

For more information, and to support Ondi Timoner’s A Total Disruption, go to its Kickstarter page here.