Tame Impala Bid Farewell to Bassist Nick Allbrook

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Tame Impala Bid Farewell to Bassist Nick Allbrook

It was announced on Saturday on Tame Impala’s website that Nick Allbrook, the band’s bass player, will play his last show tonight. The show is at the Belvoir Amphitheatre in Perth, Australia, which is coincidentally the first venue Allbrook ever played at with Tame Impala.

Allbrook will be replaced by Cam Avery, who was described in the online statement as their “long time super best musical blood brother Cam Avery, ape/womaniser/former pro golfer”. Avery is a member of POND, the psychedelic-rock project fronted by Nick Allbrook, and is also the founder of blues rock band The Growl, who have frequently opened for Tame Impala on their recent tour.

The online statement said Allbrook “is hopping off the Tame Impala band wagon so that he can try and screw his head back on, and make an attempt to assimilate back into society”.

Allbrook stated in an interview with NME that though he has decided to stop touring, he isn’t finished working, saying “All bands and projects and stuff will keep going, it’s just hard to keep them all going if you’re touring all the time…The only bad part will be not seeing my mates everyday. I love them more than anything.”

The statement went on to praise both Allbrook and Avery, stating “Anyway, anyone who saw us during the Allbrook era will know how awesome nick is, so cam has big shoes to fill, which is fortunate because Cam has big feet…We’re super happy for our bro Nick and wish him well in all his various fucking awesome artistic spewings and endeavours that he’ll actually have time for now.. Good on ya brah.”

(Via Consequence of Sound)